Support Staff

Robin Pierson

Administrative Coordinator 1

Robin Pierson is the Assistant to Joellen Tipton, the Executive Director of Residence Life & Living-Learning Programs. She is responsible for purchase orders, credit card purchases, supply orders, travel, student/staff job postings and HR paperwork/processing. Robin is also responsible for setting up student discipline appeals for resident housing. You may contact Robin by telephone at (936) 294-1808 or by email at

Retha Utley

Accountant II

Retha Utley is the Assistant to the Director of Residence Life Business Operations and Technology and the department’s accountant. She is responsible for reconciliation of income and expenses for the Residence Life Office and expenses for Residence Life Maintenance. Retha also confers with other departments to insure charges/credits are posted correctly. You may contact Retha at (936) 294-3296 or by email at

Tony Nick

Student Relations Clerk

Tony Nick is the first point of contact for main office departmental inquiries concerning student services and records. Tony is responsible for overseeing the Housing Ambassadors and general departmental reception including housing showroom tours, large group housing tour scheduling, and staffing recruitment events. Tony also coordinates training and professional development for the Housing Ambassadors. You may reach Tony by phone at (936) 294-1820 or by email at

Amanda Sewell

Administrative Assistant III

Amanda Sewell reports directly to the Associate Director for Residence Life Student Development Programs. She assists with general residence life questions and is a liaison to hall staff. Her duties include overseeing the Resource Center as well as inventory control, supply ordering, equipment tracking, correspondence and scheduling. You may contact Amanda by telephone at (936) 294-1762 or by email at

Leslie Nixon

Accounting Clerk II

Leslie Nixon is responsible for clerical and accounting duties in the Department of Residence Life, including posting and proofing entries. She assists with student accounts, past due accounts, housing applications, meal plans and Bearkat Bucks. You may contact Leslie by telephone at (936) 294-1893 or by email at

Sally Bacon

Administrative Assistant III / Assignments

Sally Bacon is responsible for clerical and assigning duties in the Department of Residence Life, including housing assignments. Sally works closely with the Assistant Director of Housing Services. She assigns housing for incoming Freshmen and Upperclassmen. She also assists with, Hall/Room Transfer, and Room Change Cards when students want to change their housing assignments or checking out. Sally also works closely with the Hall Directors when any changes are taking place in the Residence Halls. You may contact Sally Baconby telephone at (936) 294-1812 or by email at

Tammy Vaco

Residence Life Maintenance – Administrative Associate III

Tammy Vaco works directly with Jeff Vienneau, the Director of Residence Life Facilities Maintenance and is also responsible for overseeing the Administrative Assistant and student assistant. Tammy can assist you with general Residence Life Maintenance questions, purchase orders, payments regarding purchase orders or credit card orders, travel registration, travel reconciliation, staff keys, card access, Banner, coordinating staff training for keys and card access, student job postings and assist with student new hires/paperwork for the department, Residence Life Maintenance full time job postings and full time new hire paperwork/processing. Tammy is the building liaison for the Residence Life Maintenance buildings. You may contact Tammy by telephone at (936) 294-4474 or by email at

Kandy Woodall

Residence Life Maintenance – Administrative Assistant III

Kandy Woodall can assist you if you have general Residence Life Maintenance questions. She is also responsible for maintaining the Key Tracking System for all Residence Life keys, the card access database, updates all department forms, checks out keys and cards to contractors, maintains and provides card access to all student workers, custodial and pest control, monitors the student work order system, and maintains all RLM filing systems. You may contact Kandy at (936) 294-4474 or by email at