Roommate Information


Roommate Selection -  Students who have applied for housing may search for a roommate.  The following conditions must exist before a roommate request can be honored: (1) both students must have a completed housing application on file for the same term, (2) both students must have provided evidence of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination, (3) both students must request and confirm each other online and (4) during room selection a double occupancy room must exist.

Confirming Roommates:  When two students request each other as roommates and have applied at separate times, the department will give both students a common time slot. Either student can go into the system at this time to select a room. Applicants should be aware that if their requested roommate does not confirm their request online or cancels their application, they will be assigned a web self assign timeslot based upon their individual application date.

Roommate requests are not guaranteed and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that when selecting a room, if they have a confirmed roommate request, that the roommate is also placed in the room. Requesting a roommate after you have chosen a room will not automatically pull the person into that room.

Sample Roommate agreement form The roommate agreement form will be provided to you by an RA during the first week.

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Roommate Rights and Responsibilities

  • The right to study/rest free from undue interference in one's room.
  • The responsibility to contain unreasonable noise and other distractions which inhibit the exercise of this right.
  • The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guest of roommate, etc.
  • The right to expect a roommate will respect personal belongings, and the responsibility to respect another's belongings.
  • The right to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment, and the responsibility to maintain such an environment.
  • The right to privacy.
  • The right to free access to one's room without pressure from a roommate.
  • The right to be free from fear of intimidation, physical, and emotional harm.
  • The right to host guests at agreed upon times with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of the host's roommate and other residents in the building.
  • The right for redress of grievances.