How to Apply for Graduation

Students classified as a Senior, Masters, or Doctoral completing the requirements for degree this term must apply for graduation online. If you do not intend to graduate this term, please do not attempt to apply to graduate. The Application for Graduate fee is a non-refundable fee and does not roll forward to any future terms.

The deadline to submit an Application for Degree for Spring 2024 is Wednesday, January 31st @ 5 pm.
The application fee is $50.00. After the deadline the fee will be $80.00.

Note: Effective Fall 2021, application fees are $50 for applications received by the set deadline. Applications received after the set deadline will be $80.

How to Apply to Graduate:

  1. Access Student Profile
  2. Select "Apply to Graduate"

Screenshot of Student Profile screen with an arrow pointing to Apply to Graduate, located under the Additional Links menu.

Regarding the name to appear on the diploma/commencement program:

Your official name on record is what will appear on the diploma and commencement program. Keep in mind that surnames and titles will not be printed. Only first, middle, last name, and suffix will be printed on the diploma and program. If you need to change your name officially on your record, you must submit the needed documentation to the our office.

Regarding the Curriculum (degree program/major):
Should you find that the degree program listed is incorrect, simply email the Registrar’s Office to request a review of your curriculum information on file. The email address for the Registrar’s Office is Please note that the online Application for Degree process provides the student an opportunity to review the curriculum on file so any updates to the curriculum may be made in a timely manner prior to the posting of degrees and printing of diplomas.

What if I fail to submit my Application for Degree? 
Students who do not submit an Application for Degree will NOT have their degrees posted to their academic transcript, will NOT receive a diploma, nor have their names included in the commencement program. It is very important that students abide by the published deadline date in order to be considered a degree candidate for that term.
For more information about the Application for Degree and the Commencement Ceremony, please visit our Graduation website.

The application fee neither rolls forward into a future term, nor is refundable. Students who apply for graduation and do not complete degree requirements within that term will be required to submit a new application for graduation and pay another application fee.