SHSU-COM fosters a culture of transparency and reflection. As part of this culture, the COM implements the systematic evaluation of all aspects of the College and its programs, including curriculum, resources, processes, and personnel. 

Primary evaluations by students:

  • End-of-Course Evaluations - are required evaluations delivered in DaVinci Leo of courses (SOC) and faculty (SOF). This valuable feedback is used to improve various aspects of the curriculum and student experience. These evaluations are distributed after the final exam of each course and remain open for one week. Results are summarized by Course Directors and reported to the Curriculum Committee for discussion. Students who do not complete any of the assigned end-of-course evaluations are required to meet with the Associate Dean for Educational Affairs. 

In addition to these regularly scheduled evaluations, AEA also administers feedback surveys regarding security and safety, the amenities at the COM, and other subjects. AEA can design and conduct focus groups or other evaluations by request.