Other Composers

Opera Commentaries on Several Composers

Ponchielli completed his opera commentaries with selections from several other composers, including himself. As a companion to the sinfonia (overture) to La Savoiarda, he provides a selection of themes as was his manner. The two commentaries on Emilio Usiglio's (1841-1910) Le educande di Sorrento was a chance to capitalize on a recent (1868) popular work. Given Hollywood's penchant for remakes, the second commentary was likely a follow-up on a successful performance. Another composer famous for a single opera is Federico Ricci (1809 - 1877), whose Crispino e la comare is presented. Carlo Pedrotti (1817-1893) was better known as a conductor, but his comic opera Fiorina makes the list. Single famous works by Giacomo Rossini (1792-1868), Friedrich von Flotow (1812-1883), and Charles Gounod(1818-1893) round out the list.

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Potourri dell'opera Faust di Gonoud, Op. 135, PP.142.8

Potpourri sull'opera Fiorina di Pedrotti, ADD16, PP.55.10

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2° Pout- Pourri sull'opera Le Educande di Sorrento di Usiglio, ADD19, PP.51.1