Commentaries on Donizetti Operas

In spite of the presence of Verdi in nearby Busseto, Ponchielli's own favorite opera composer seems to have been Gaetano Donizetti (1791-1848). Ponchielli's operas, up to and including La Gioconda,have more in common with the work of his fellow Lombardian from Bergamo. Though Donizetti's comic operas hold sway today, Ponchielli chose more readily from the dramatic operas for both the commentaries and the scenes that served as a medium for his brass soloists to demonstrate their exceptional artistry.

Potpourri nell'opera La Favorita, Op. 131, PP.142.4

Potpourri sopra motivi dell'opera Gemma di Vergy, Op. 139, PP.142.12

Reminiscenze dell'opera Don Sebastiano, Op. 149, PP.143.6