Dance Music


Three mazurkas are original, though Ponchielli arranged mazurkas by other composers. Only one of the three, however, is an autograph and from Cremona. L'Innamorata and Carmelita are only available as copies. As such their exact years of composition can never be known. L'Innamorata is in the hand of Johannes Haagen while Carmelita is in the large format from the "Coppola" years with a piccolo as the top woodwind. The only autograph score is from Cremona with the elaborate L'Eco del Castello, that features an "echo band."

The Mazurkas and all of the dances are presented using only the original instrumentation.

Carmelita, Op.152, Ms.Civ 84

L'Innamorata, Op.129, PP.142.2

L'Eco del Castello, Op. 151, PP.143.8