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Faust di Gonoud

ADD41, Op. 135, PP.142.8

Charles-François Gounod (1818-93) composed his 1859 setting of the age-old story of Faust using the model of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Along with his addition the Ave Maria to J. S. Bach's BWV 846, it remains his most popular work.

With 32 performances between 1867 and 1873, was a great favorite with the Cremona audiences. The absence of the work in 1871 can be explained by the addition of two scenes from the opera. It was performed in all six concert sites, though mainly in the Piazza Cavour and the Piazza Garibaldi. The time notation and place may have been his way of expressing exasperation. While the score would have been seen, at most, by Bissocoli (his second) and Belforti (his copyist) this notation might also suggest that the Comiteo di sorviglenza (Oversight Committee) may have been involved as well. While Piacenza seems to have allowed Ponchielli to leave with his scores, Cremona may have kept possession of them from a very early time.

As yet, the archive in the Teatro Ponchielli (Previously Teatro Concordia) has not been accessed. Thus the reason for the appearance of certain works cannot be directly linked to local performances of these works.

Date on score: Saturday, August 11, 1867, 10:10 near the Porta Romana

Performances: Sunday, November 24, 1867, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, June 4, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, July 16, 1868; Piazza Cavour; Thursday, September 24, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, October 1, 1868, Piazza Cavour;Tuesday, October 6, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, October 25, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, May 21, 1869, Piazza Cavour; Thursday, May 13, 1869, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, May 20, 1869, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, June 6, 1869, Piazza Cavour; Thursday, June 10, 1869, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, July 18, 1869, Passeggio pubblico; Thursday, July 29, 1869, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, August 5, 1869, Piazza Cavour; Friday, September 3, 1869; Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, September 23, 1869, Piazza Cavou; Tuesday, November 2, Piazza Cavou; Sunday, November 21, PG; Sunday, November 28, 1870, Piazza Cavour; Sunday, February 6, 1870, Piazza Cavour; Sunday, May 8, 1870, Sulla area della chiesa demolita; Sunday, June 5, 1870, Piazza Cavour; Friday, June 24, 1870, Passeggio pubblico; Thursday, July 28, 1870, Piazza del Duomo; Sunday, September 11, 1870, Piazza Cavour; Tuesday, June 11, 1872, PG; Sunday, December 22, Piazza Roma; Sunday, December 29, 1872, Piazza Roma; Sunday, June 22, 1873, Piazza Cavour.


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