Ricordanze de l'opera

Le Educande di Sorrento

1° Poutpourri per Banda,

ADD 14, PP.52.12

Emilio Usiglio (1841-1910) was a composer and conductor whose fame rested on a series of opera buffa. Educande is about a girls' school in Sorrento, a city just outside of Naples. The appearance of two collections of melodies from 1871 suggest that someone (likely not Ponchielli) had heard it and wanted more via the weekly band concerts. Usiglio is styled "cavalieri" in the score, signifying that he had received a knighthood for his compositions by 1868, the year of Educande's premiere.

The most interesting note might be found in the concert sites listed. "Piazza San Domenico" was soon to ba named "Piazza Roma" instead of the "Piazza Stradivari" that Ponchielli preferred. The performance dates comprise both collections as no difference was noted in the public programs.

Date on Score: None given

Performance Dates:Thursday, June 15, 1871, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday June 22, 1871, Piazza Cavour; Thursday, July 20, 1871, Piazza San Domenico; Thursday, July 27, Piazza Garibaldi; Monday, August 21, 1871, Unknown; Saturday, November 11, 1871, Piazza Cavour; Sunday, February 18, 1872, Piazza Cavour; Sunday, May 26, 1872, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, June 20, 1872, Piazza Roma


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