The Quad Before the Mall

Estill Library

The fourth oldest building on campus, the Estill Library was dedicated in 1930. At the front entrance, a bronze plaque extends credit to its namesake and the man responsible for securing the funds: “This Library is named for President Harry Fishburne Estill whose patient and arduous efforts resulted in the erection of this building for Sam Houston State Teachers College.” Following the construction of the Newton Gresham Library in the late 1960s, the interior of Estill was remodeled to allow for various classrooms and offices.

Peabody Memorial Library

Did you know* that the Peabody Memorial Library, built 1901‐1902, was the first separately‐housed college library in Texas? This innovative building was completed for less than its contracted cost of $9,372, a first and doubtlessly a last superlative in the history of the institution. It was restored to its original turn‐of‐the‐century elegance in 1991, for a “somewhat” larger sum. 

"Did You Know” is a collection of SHSU brags by Paul Culp, Special Collections Librarian (retired) at Sam Houston State University, 2008.

John W. Thomason Building

Named for Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr., Marine Officer, artist and author, this four-story academic building is located on the western side of the main quadrangle. Constructed as the Graphic Arts building in 1952 and renovated in 2017, it now houses the offices of Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Risk Management, Research and Sponsored Programs, Marketing & Communications and Print Services.

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