Submit a Proposal

How can you apply?

Faculty members, as an individual or in a group containing at least one non-contingent faculty member (e.g., tenured or tenure track), are invited to submit proposals.  The applicant team could also include clinical, adjunct, and/or pool faculty or instructional staff. The application cycle for the 2023 fiscal year closed December 4, 2022.  The FY24 cycle will open in September 2023. 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the development of an active learning classroom, we encourage you to review the complete Call for Proposals packet first to gather an understanding of what your proposal should include. 

Estimated Timeline:

  • mid September - CFP Opens
  • late September - Grant Information Session I (Optional) 
  • mid October - Grant Information Session II (Optional)
  • early November - Grant Information Session III  (Optional)
  • early December - Proposals due
  • late January - Recipient(s) notified

Engaging Spaces Committee

All Engaging Spaces Applications are processed and reviewed by the Engaging Spaces Committee listed below:

Heather Adair (Chair), MSLS, Assistant Professor, NGL
Traci Austin, PhD, Associate Professor, CoBA
Jeff Buro, Classroom & AV Support Tech, IT@Sam
Mary Holland
, Campus Space Planner, Facilities Management
Ben Mitchell-Yellin, PhD, Associate Professor, CHSS
Kaci Moore
, Administrative Associate, Engaging Classrooms
Kathleen Ratajczak, PhD, Assistant Professor, CoCJ
Chase Young
, PhD, Associate Professor, CoE