Odyssey Grants

What is an Odyssey Grant?

The Odyssey Grant funds faculty to attend professional development conferences or workshops, where they can learn about active learning techniques.  The application is open, with a rolling deadline. Educational conferences will have priority over educational sessions at a conference that is research focused. In compliance with the updated SHSU COVID-19 travel policy, applicants may apply to receive funding for in-person conferences/workshops.

These range from regularly scheduled workshop opportunities such as:

To less frequent offerings that faculty may have only one chance to participate:

  • the Serious Play Conference, a leadership conference for both those who create serious games/simulations and those who implement game-based learning programs
  • The Small World Initiative symposium, a 3-day workshop showcasing the integration of antimicrobial research into a first-year biology course

How can you apply?

Applications for this cycle are currently open. If necessary, application intake will be paused to ensure funding is available for Spring/Summer applications.

Please refer to our example application for guidance.

Example Application

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and may be returned.