Engaged Learning Fellowship

What are Engaged Learning Fellowships?

In order to provide a collaborative community for faculty already experienced with active learning, the Engaged Learning Fellowships are a 2-year opportunity for faculty to expand their knowledge and use of specific techniques. 

These fellowships are available to faculty who are interested in a long-term examination and implementation of an active learning technique or strategy on a larger scale. Fellows will propose a particular "deeper dive" into active learning such as a full course redesign or development of course material.

The following is an example of the fellowship structure:

Year 1:

  • Complete a comprehensive literature review compiled and performed by each fellow, shared with the entire cohort during monthly meetings
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of active learning techniques applicable to each member’s accepted proposal
  • Implement the proposal such as, but not limited to, writing and editing of course materials, course redesign, curriculum development or redevelopment

Year 2:

  • Continuation or updating the implementation
  • Serve as mentor to first year fellows
  • Act as formal ambassadors to their home department or college to aid in recruiting more fellows for later fellowship years

What are the benefits?

By the end of the fellowship, fellows will have an expanded knowledge of active learning and specific techniques. In addition, the fellows will have created and implemented a large-scale active learning proposal. 

Fellows will receive compensation in the form of one course release per long semester as well as a $500 budget to purchase educational supplies, materials, or software.

How can you apply?

Applications for Engaged Learning Fellowships are now closed.

Engaging Classrooms Development Committee

All ELF applications are processed and reviewed by the Engaging Classrooms Development Committee listed below:

Dr. Ben Mitchell-Yellin
Dr. Brandy Doleshal
Dr. Sanjeev Choudary
Dr. Ashly Smith
Dr. Mary Breaux
Dr. Jordan Clark
Dr. Kat Mueller
Dr. Rhonda Callaway
Dr. Katherine Hubbard
Dr. Jaime Duran