Engaging Spaces

What are Engaging Spaces?

Engaging spaces, commonly known as active learning spaces, are those that allow students to work with each other in various sizes of groups and that foster engagement through technologies ranging from dry-erase boards, to movable furniture, to computers and other media. Active learning can vary by discipline, so faculty are encouraged to think outside of the physical constraints of existing rooms on campus. We invite you to explore the possibilities.

Check out our first Engaging Spaces projects in Evans 260 & LDB 208 and FAR 105 in Today@SAM.

Be part of the action

There are two parts to the Engaging Spaces program: proposing an Engaging Spaces classroom and teaching a class in one of our Engaging Spaces classrooms.

Reserve an Engaging Spaces classroom

We invite all instructors across campus to take advantage of our Engaging Spaces classrooms and reserve teaching time in the room that best fits their needs. Each room offers a slightly different experience so be sure to look at the room's webpage for photos, a list of technology/furniture, and a capacity number before you reserve a time to teach. Rooms are available for reoccurring or one-time reservations.

Propose an Engaging Spaces classroom

The most intentional way for us to identify and remodel spaces on campus is to involve those who routinely teach in them. Faculty teams can submit an Engaging Spaces proposal with the guidance of our Call for Proposals. Once proposals are evaluated and selected, our team will work in tandem with the selected proposals to represent and support them as we work with SHSU facilities to create an Engaging Spaces classroom.