Teaching Innovation Grants


What are Teaching Innovation Grants?

To encourage faculty members to use active learning techniques in the classroom, the QEP will sponsor Teaching Innovation Grants (TIGs) each year. 

These Teaching Innovation Grants are a continuation of the program sponsored by PACE and the STEM Center.

What is required?

Those who receive the grant will meet regularly during the following spring semester.  During that spring and summer, awardees will work to develop active learning course materials that will be implemented the following fall semester.  As needed, flexibility will be granted to those applicants who wish to modify a course which is only taught each spring semester. 

Upon completion of the TIGs project, grant recipients will submit any materials they used/designed to the SHSU Active Learning Library.  This submission will include all information needed for other faculty members to integrate the course materials into their classrooms. 

In addition, TIG recipients will be asked to share their project experiences and results with other SHSU faculty at the PACE Center Teaching and Learning Conference, the STEM Center annual symposium, an open workshop, or a similar public campus event.  TIG recipients will also submit the results of their teaching integration to the QEP assessment team. Recipients are encouraged to publish the findings in appropriate journals or other scholarship of teaching and learning venues.

Proposal Information 

Proposals will come from faculty teams, consisting of 2-5 faculty (can include tenure- track faculty, adjunct, clinical, or graduate instructors), and will address High Impact Practices (as termed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities), which are based on research in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Proposals could include: enhancing a course with a high DFW rate, developing of a capstone project for a certain major, developing a rigorous assessment method for a specific skill set in a major, enhancing of a course that has multiple sections and instructors, testing a certain intervention for first-generation students or other approaches to making excellence inclusive, interdisciplinary linking of a pair of courses, adding recitation sessions to a course, testing an active learning method in a particular course, etc. Projects can be within one course, a course series, or co-curricular.

How can you apply?

Up to 20 Teaching Innovation Grants will be awarded each year. Proposals will be solicited in the fall semester and accepted by December 2, 2019. Awardees will be notified by December 20, 2019. Applications can be submitted via email to Stephanie Brown at brownsj@shsu.edu or can be dropped off at the QEP office in PACE (CHSS C002).

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STEM faculty members may also apply for the STEM mini-grants offered through the STEM Center. These grants are awarded to a single faculty member instead of a group of faculty members like TIGS. Proposals will be due by December 2, 2019. Awardees will be notified by December 20, 2019.

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