Engaging Classrooms Observation

What is Engaging Classrooms Observation? 

Our SHSU media team records one week of your teaching time (3 hours) and then, with the Teaching Dimensions Observation Protocol (TDOP), your recordings are coded. This produces a personalized baseline for your classroom. The data will not be shared with anyone and will be destroyed once you have your report. For more information on the coding process, visit the TDOP website.

What are the benefits?

Faculty are able to establish a personalized baseline of their teaching style and practices once their class is recorded and coded with TDOP. After a baseline is provided, our Associate Director for Assessment sits down with faculty to review their results. Then, our Associate Director works with faculty to set pedagogical goals and direct them to the appropriate training offered through the Engaging Classrooms QEP.

If you are interested, please send us an email at engaging@shsu.edu