Engaging Classrooms Week

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Join us April 12-16, 2021!

We are excited to provide Engaging Classrooms Week in a virtual* format this year. The idea behind this week is to provide a space for faculty to observe others in their discipline and in the greater Sam Houston community that are engaging in active learning in their classrooms.

*There is one classroom that is not equipped for Zoom/video calls so this class will host observers face-to-face. The class is Biology 2403: Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Olga Minich which will take place on Wednesday from 11:00-11:50. Space is limited to the first 15 registrants.

Classrooms open for observation

All open classrooms this year are undergraduate courses. 


April 12

Geography 3301: Environmental Geography
Professor: Ava Fuijimoto-Strait
Class size: 30
Chemistry 2323: Organic Chemistry 1
Professor: Dustin Gross
Class size: 30


April 13

Biology 1436: Foundations of Science
Professor: Steven Koether
Class size: 23
Sociology 2319: Intro to Ethnic Studies
Professor: Crystal Brown
Class size: 50
Agribusiness 4340: Agribusiness Marketing 
Professor: Danhong Chen
Class size: 12


April 14

Kinesiology 4362: Biomechanical Analysis
Professor: Jennifer Didier
Class size: 40
Biology 2403: Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
Professor: Olga Minich
Class size: 90


April 15

Health 2383: Multicultural Health Issues
Professor: Adannaa Alexander
Class size: 27
Biology 1436: Foundations of Science
Professor: Sarah Couch
Class size: 25


April 16

Music 1303: Fundamentals of Guitar
Professor: Carolyn Moore
Class size: 25  
Dance 2373: World Dance Cultures
Professor: Donald Shorter
Class size: 14  

How to sign up to observe a classroom?

Complete the registration form below to sign up for the classes you would like to observe. Registrants will receive a Zoom link for each class they have signed up to virtually observe the week before Engaging Classrooms Week. 

Register here

Interested in hosting an open classroom?

We welcome all faculty who engage in active learning techniques to apply to host an open classroom. Please reach out to the Engaging Classrooms team (engaging@shsu.edu) if you are interested in this opportunity for the next Engaging Classrooms Week in 2022.