Engagement Gear

What is Engagement Gear?

Engagement Gear is a collection of items that help faculty to fully implement an active learning technique in their course. These items are available to all faculty to check out for classroom use. 

What items are available?

Items were selected to bring enhanced active learning in all classrooms across campus. The items pictured below are available to check out. If there is an item that is not in our collection that you think would be valuable for faculty use, send us an email at engaging@shsu.edu

How do you check out items?

Contact us at engaging@shsu.edu or 4-4263 to check out Engagement Gear. 

Stay tuned! More items will be added throughout the semester.

Buzzer pic for website

Buzzer - 6 available 

Great for a quiz game

Boardgame pic for website

Telepathy Board Game - 2 available

Encourages logical thinking, precision, communication and categorization

Lapboards pic for website

Dry Erase Lapboards - 118 available

Good for group work, sharing answers, clicker-type questions, etc. 

Pcoket Chart pic for website

Door Hanging Packet Chart with 42 Pockets - 1 available

Cell phone parking lot, clicker question voting method, sequencing exercises, logical thinking, numeracy, etc.

100 dice set pic for website

6 Sided Dice Set with 100 dice in 10 different colors - 1 available 

Great for simulations of probability in any discipline 

Whiteboard Erasers pic for website

Whiteboard Erasers - 36 available

Nice companion for the lap boards 

Felt board with letters pic for website

Felt Letter Board - 2 available

Writing prompts, hidden messages, quotes, big ideas

Combo Locks pic for website

Combination Locks - 6 available

Great for escape room pedagogy, communication exercises, numeracy exercises

Timer pic for website

Timer - 3 available

Helps keep students and instructor on task during active times

Wireless Presenter pic for website

Wireless Presenter - 2 available 

Helps the instructor move around the room during presentations

Expo Markers pic for website

Expo Markers - 89 available

Nice companion for the lap boards

Seconds Timer pic foe website

Timer - 6 available

Helps keep students and instructor on task during active times

Dry erase board with grid pic for website

Dry Erase Lapboards with Grid - 30 available

Great for courses that involve graphing and group work!

Easel Pad pic for website

Easel Pad 

Sheets can be removed from pad and stuck to virtually any surface, good for group work!

Fishbowl pic for website

Fishbowl - 2 available

Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Markers - 78 available

Nice companion with the Easel Board

Cube Timers

Cube Timers - 3 available

Work well as presentation timers! Timer has the ability to lower the buzzer sound or light up to indicate when time runs out!

Crayon pic for website

Crayons - 50 of each color available

Great for graphs, mind maps, projects, and more!

Pencil pic for website

Colored Pencils - 4 boxes available

Good for creating illustrations, designs, and organizing notes!

Letters pic for website

Magnetic Alphabet Letter Box Set - 1 available

Use these letters as hands-on manipulatives for classroom activities!

Cube pic for website

Educational Linking Cubes- 100 pieces in box

Use these colored cubes as hands-on manipulatives for classroom activities!