Active Learning Library

What is the Active Learning Library?

Each year, course material available for use in an active learning setting will be produced by faculty members across campus.  The Newton Gresham Library will assist the QEP team in creating and preserving a digital repository that will be available and searchable by all SHSU faculty.

The curriculum of multiple QEP courses will include creating material to submit to the Active Learning Library. Consequently, almost immediately upon implementation of the QEP, several dozen entries to the repository will be available for use, and by Year 3 several dozen (if not hundreds) of entries will be searchable and usable. 

By the end of the QEP the Active Learning Library will be a comprehensive, searchable, growing database to be used by SHSU faculty members as an invaluable resource to incorporate active learning into their classrooms.

How will it work?

This Active Learning Library will serve as a clearinghouse of active learning teaching materials and techniques that SHSU faculty members can search based upon their own classroom needs.  The information submitted to the database will be classified based on the description of the classroom setting in which the materials were designed to be used, as well as the active learning category to which they belong.

Some of these classifications searchable by the database include: 

  • time to administer (one class period, several class periods, over multiple weeks)
  • scale of intervention (individual students, small groups, large group, entire class)
  • complexity (simple, moderate, complex)
  • setting (during class, outside of class time, off-campus)
  • course format (online, hybrid, traditional)
  • skills utilized (discovering, processing, applying)
  • part of Bloom’s Taxonomy emphasized
  • active learning strategy used (role playing, inquiry-based learning, case study, etc.)