Decorating Tips

Making yourself at home

Consider for a moment your first impression of your residence hall room upon entering it for the very first time. You will probably notice that the room seems pretty typical with box-like dimensions, a window, two standard beds, sterile-looking white walls, several stationary pieces of furniture, etc. Your room looks like every other room down the hallway. The greeting may seem impersonal, unlike the feeling one has when returning home.

The addition of you

But then in the following few days the transformation occurs. The previous uniform, ordered and indestructible looking room assumes a more personalized atmosphere. Posters are hung, plants are added, music plays and an identity begins to take shape. The key ingredient is as unique as you, because the key ingredient is YOU!


New students tend to bring far too much to campus, and you should not try to bring all of your worldly possessions. Belvin-Buchanan, Sam Houston Village, and Raven Village are the only halls with elevators, so it is better to pack a number of small boxes rather than a few large ones. Spread your heavy items in a number of boxes, and you can pack light items in large plastic bags. When you are packing, keep in mind that you will be sharing your room with someone else. Also, be certain to pack your registration information, ID card, class schedule, and any correspondence from the University in an easily accessible place.

What to bring:

  • alarm clock
  • sturdy key chain
  • umbrella / rain coat
  • reading lamp
  • bath robe
  • area rug / carpet
  • toiletries
  • small refrigerator (5.0 cu. ft. max.) unless one is already provided
  • twin size sheets (mattresses are 36" x 78")
  • towels
  • laundry basket
  • detergent
  • sewing kit / safety pins / school supplies
  • stationary
  • backpack
  • curtains (tension rod only)
  • cleaning supplies
  • radio/TV/VCR/cable extension cord
  • surge protectors
  • flashlight
  • battery powered LED holiday string lights

     A picture of what to bring

What NOT to bring:

  • hot pot
  • space heater
  • microwave
  • pets (except for fish)
  • waterbed
  • candles or incense
  • weights (over 5 lbs.)
  • hot plates
  • skillet
  • toaster / ovens
  • potpourri burners
  • halogen lamp
  • extension cords


Room furnishings differ somewhat in various halls, but most rooms include a desk with drawers, chair, mirror, dresser, bed, and shelving unit. Before you bring book shelves or extra pieces of furniture, you might check with your future roommate to coordinate plans.

Accessories: wall hangings, plants, paintings, fans, posters, throw pillows, baskets, full-length mirror, flower arrangements, lamp, bulletin board, comfortable chair, curtains.


It is important to engrave your personal property with an identification number so that if it is lost or stolen it can very easily be tracked back to you. You may check out an engraver through your hall staff during regular office hours.