CAM CC Theatre Reservation Request

CAM Creative Community at Belvin Hall

Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted 2 business days prior to requested date.

Reservation request is not confirmed until you receive an e-mailed confirmation.

**Available to CAM residents only.

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I would like to reserve the Theatre for the following:


Please review the Theatre Guidelines on the back of this form and sign the agreement below.
I understand and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the CAM Creative Community Theatre Guidelines.  I understand that my reservation will be cancelled in the event that the university is closed due to weather, natural disaster, national emergency, or other extenuating circumstances. I understand that I must be a CAM CC resident in order to reserve space.

CAM Creative Community at Belvin Hall
Theatre Reservation Guidelines

The CAM Creative Community Theatre is a multi-use space designed for residents of Belvin Hall.  The following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Any use of the Theatre MUST be directly related to one or more residents that currently live at Belvin Hall and associated with their academic endeavors.
  2. Only a current Belvin resident, staff or hall council member can reserve the Theatre and they will be responsible for any guests associated with the use of the Theatre.
  3. The resident that reserves the Theatre will be responsible for any misuse and/or damage that is caused during their reservation period while the Theatre is under their care.
  4. The Control Booth key may NOT be passed to anyone while signed out.  The resident that has signed out the key is responsible for making sure the Control Booth is locked at all times when not occupied.
  5. If needed, keys must be checked out “in-person” with one of the staff using the Equipment / Key Check-Out Form and must be returned to staff after the reservation is complete.
  6. Personal items associated with the reservation may not be left unattended in the Theatre unless special arrangements have been made in advance which requires the Theatre to be locked when not in use (ex. props from a play, concert etc.).  Temporary storage may be used next to the Dressing Room if requested and approved.
  7. The resident making the reservation is responsible for cleaning the Theatre (daily) and arranging the theatre seats back into the original arrangement once the reservation has ended (See staff for details).  Plays and/or other performances which consist of multiple showings may wait till the last show is complete before setting the Theatre back into its original setup.  Chairs are to be left connected in the “ganging” option.  Vacuums are available upon request. 
  8. All props should be self-supported and should not be attached to walls, ceiling, floor etc. unless pre-approved by Residence Life Maintenance.  Make note in the “special requests” section of the reservation form.
  9. Tape and/or adhesives are NOT to be used on walls, ceiling, floors etc.
  10. Any adjustment of the theatre lights must be handled through Residence Life Maintenance.  Make note in the “special requests” section of the reservation form.
  11. Control Booth “access upon request” will only be given to residents of Belvin who have been “approved” and “trained” to use the equipment.
  12. NEVER adjust the controls in the cabinet or access the back of the cabinet for any reason.  All adjustments MUST be controlled through the digital screen controls.  Anyone that violates this policy will be banned from using the Control Booth for the remainder of the academic year and will be subject to any costs associated with having the controls set back to their original settings. Blu-Ray player is located on top of audio cabinet for resident use.
  13. Fire Exit doors must never be blocked or have their views obstructed by props.
  14. The Theatre audience capacity is limited to 80.  Additional seating is not permitted due to safety regulations.
  15. All audio/video equipment is to be turned off (on digital control pad) when not in use and the screen is to be left in the “UP” position so it does not get damaged.  Equipment is always turned on/off using the digital control pad.  NEVER access the equipment cabinet except for dvd/blu-ray player.
  16. If the Dressing Room is used, it must be cleaned and all personal items removed by the end of the reservation or daily if multiple day reservation.