Art Gallery Reservation Form

CAM Creative Community at Belvin Hall

Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted at least 1 week prior to requested date.

Reservation request is not confirmed until you receive an e-mailed confirmation.

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*Please refer to Food & Beverage Guidelines. Aramark must provide all food and beverages for receptions.

Please review the Exhibition Guidelines and sign the agreement below.


I understand and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the CAM Creative Community Art Gallery.  I understand that my event will be cancelled in the event that the university is closed due to weather, natural disaster, national emergency, or other extenuating circumstances.

CAM Creative Community at Belvin Hall
Art Gallery Exhibition Guidelines

The CAM Creative Community Art Gallery is designed for display of various art works or performance art.

Art Gallery Guidelines:

  1. Exhibits are limited to a maximum of two weeks.  All inquiries for exceptions will be reviewed upon request.
  2. Residence Life and CAM Creative Community at Belvin Hall are not responsible for any damage or theft of artwork during installation, exhibition or removal.  Residence Life provides no insurance nor assumes any liability for the work.
  3. Artwork that is hung on the walls must be hung using the provided wire apparatus only.
  4. There is a 20 lb. limit for each wire on the wall apparatus.
  5. Artwork may not be hung from the ceiling unless approved in advance.
  6. Tape is NOT to be used to hang any item on the walls, ceiling or floors.
  7. Multimedia displays utilizing television monitors must be provided by the artist.
  8. Any audio/visual materials used in the art gallery must not interfere with other activities in the CAM Creative Community.
  9. No modifications may be made to the exhibit space, including floors, walls or ceiling.  This includes painting, drilling, etc.  If assistance is needed with lighting adjustment, please indicate on the request form and you will be assisted by Residence Life Maintenance at time of set-up.
  10. All receptions must be catered through Aramark.
  11. All submissions are reviewed by the CAM Creative Community Art Gallery Committee.  Artwork that could be considered offensive or controversial in nature may not be approved.  Similar to the gallery in the Lowman Student Center, this gallery is considered to be public space.
  12. Please send images in jpg format that represent the work that you propose to exhibit to  For video submissions, please send a link to the website where the video can be viewed.  Make sure your name is in the subject line.