Spivey House

Picture of Mallon House

Home to SHSU's honor students, Spivey House offers a family-like environment. Located on the same block as White Hall, Raven Village, Rec Sports, B.J. Coliseum, Academic Building 4, Lee Drain, CHSS and a short walk to the Newton Gresham Library, honor students enjoy being close to the center of campus.

Students have the opportunity to take a stroll to one of the relative dining facilities South Paw, Paw Print (LSC) or may choose to prepare their own food in the community kitchen. The residence hall and computer lab are quiet 24 hour Academic Development Areas. The rooms are traditional style with moveable furniture. Central air conditioning and heat provide a comfortable ambience throughout the building.

Floor plan

Spivey House  Floor Plan

Virtual Tour

Lounge with vending machine
Dorm room
Dorm room
Dorm room
Dorm closet