Taking the next step in your career? Before you go, visit Human Resources to return assets and review your account balance. If you need accommodations due to a mobility impairment, please call our office at 936-294-1070.

What to Return

You should watch your University email account for an exit checklist from Human Resources that will include a list of assets assigned to you and instructions for returning them.

Computer Equipment

Return all computer equipment assigned by IT@Sam to Human Resources prior to exiting. If you have department-owned equipment, return them to your departmental equipment manager.

Before turning in computer equipment,

  • Back Up Data. IT@Sam will erase all data stored on local drives in preparation for the next user and/or disposal. You must move any data that you or your department wishes to keep to another storage method such as Microsoft OneDrive, a USB flash drive or external hard drive, etc.
  • Sign Out of iCloud. If you are turning in an Apple Device, sign out of iCloud services and remove any passwords or passcodes from the device. For help, contact the IT@Sam Service Desk at 4-1950.
  • Collect Accessories. You must turn in all accessories including but not limited to:
    • Charging Cables & Power Supplies
    • Stylus, Pens, Apple Pencils, & other Writing Devices
    • Mice & Keyboards
    • Webcams
    • Cases


Turn in assigned keys to Human Resources prior to exiting – see your exit checklist for keys we expect to receive. If keys belong to a lockbox, return them to box for audit. Facilities Customer Service will conduct the audit and transfer process when a lockbox manager exits.

Travel Card

If you have an individually assigned Travel Card, turn it in to Human Resources. If your card has a remaining balance, Procurement & Business Services will coordinate the closeout of the card. You will return departmentally assigned cards to the departmental administrative assistant or card manager.

Your Account Balance

We will help you view your campus account balance. If you have an unpaid balance, we will offer a Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement to pay your owed balance with your final paycheck. Otherwise, the University can send your unpaid balances to collections. At this point, the amount owed will increase to cover collection fees and negatively affect your credit score.

Check Your BalanceWage Deduction Agreement

How the Process Starts

Under normal circumstances, the offboarding process begins when you submit the End Job form or the separation EPAF through Banner. Supervisors and administrative professionals should encourage the employee to watch their email for their exit checklist and direct them to Human Resources.

  • In the case of retirement, separation EPAFs are usually entered in advance. Don't worry – the employee will not complete the offboarding process until their retirement date approaches.
  • In the case of an immediate exit or job abandonment, please follow instructions provided by Human Resources.