Employment verification is an important step in many situations, such as an employee securing a loan. Lenders and other authorized third parties may require verification of employment and earnings.

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Order Online with Experian Verify

Effective December 15, 2021, orders for employment and income verifications are processed through Experian Verify, a service which provides online ordering availability 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Experian Verify Customer Support

For questions regarding employment and/or income verifications, please call Experian Verify Customer Support at (404) 382-5400 and select option 2, or email

Use Your Pay Stub

A pay stub is part of a paycheck that lists details about the employee’s pay. It itemizes the wages earned for the pay period and year-to-date payroll. The pay stub also shows taxes and other deductions taken out of an employee’s earnings.

How to Find Your Pay Stub

Visit In-Person

In-person visits are limited to specific agencies. Arrangements need to be coordinated with Human Resources in advance by calling (936) 294-1070 or email at

All other verifiers, employers, and/or employees should order online through Experian Verify.

Order Online with Experian Verify

Request By Email

If you need employment verification for Prior State Service or Public Service Loan Forgiveness, submit your request by email at

Use Experian Verify for all other requests.

Order Online with Experian Verify