Employment verification is an important step in many situations, such as an employee securing a loan. Lenders and other authorized third parties may require verification of employment and earnings.


Every employment verification has its own purpose and requirements. The information necessary varies based on the needs of the party requesting the information, but it typically includes the employee’s job title, salary, and dates of employment. To verify employment or employment history, email us at You will need to detail what information you need, the employee's name, and attach any forms required.



Letters. A signed letter indicating an employee’s role with the university with pertinent information requested.

Forms. Agencies may request employment verification using their designated forms which should be attached to your email request.

Phone. A verbal communication over the phone that verifies employment. To verify over the phone, reach out to our verifications staff.

In-Person. Some agencies require in-person visits to verify employment or other employment related details. Arrangements need to be coordinated with Human Resources in advance.

Pay Stubs. A pay stub is part of a paycheck that lists details about the employee's pay. It itemizes the wages earned for the pay period and year-to-date payroll. The pay stub also shows taxes and other deductions taken out of an employee's earnings.

To view your pay stub, login to MySam.

For more information, visit the payroll website.

Verification Questions?

Brandi O'Bannon

Email 4-1071

Holly King

Email 4-2637

Harley Matthews

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