Staff By Role

Compensation, Classification, Staffing & Performance Management

Name Title Email Call
Christene Chavez Associate Director of Human Resources Email 4-2330
Heather Varela Talent Acquisition Manager Email 4-4458
Sarah Noel Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1834
Andrea Umlang Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1824
Nikki Stifflemire Human Resources Staffing Coordinator Email 4-4455
Colton Gates Human Resources Associate Email 4-2431

Student Hiring, Benefits & Verifications (Student Employment) (Graduate Assistant Employment) (Employment Verifications)

Name Title Email Call
Sammie Halley Assistant Director of Human Resources Email 4-4415
Christina Munoz Human Resources Specialist Email 4-2331
Jessica Begnaud Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1126
Marcus Gutierrez Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1071
Tracy Henriksen Human Resources Associate Email 4-1069
Jamie Orozco Specialist IV Email 4-4040

Professional Development

Name Title Email Call
Thieme (TJ) Bittick Senior Human Resources Manager Email 4-2328
Joel Starkey Human Resources Associate Email 4-4409


Name Title Email Call
Jessica Smith Manager and Assistant to the AVP for HR & Diversity Email 4-1068
Patricia Zavala Human Resources Specialist Email 4-1872
Tabetha Bailey Human Resources Associate Email 4-2637


Name Title Email Call
Rhonda Beassie Associate Vice President for HR & Diversity Email 4-2637
Cynthia Bennett Director of Human Resources Email 4-1064
Brandy Bishop Human Resources Specialist Email 4-2779
Tara Conlee Human Resources Generalist Email 4-1855