Virtuoso Arrangements

Fantasia sulla Beatrice di Tenda

di Domenico Mirco

trasportato per Piccolo Clarino in Mib,

Op. 241, PP.138.12

One of the challenges in reconstructing the performance history of Ponchielli's Cremona band is the existence of two resources. A continuous record may be found in the pages of the twice-weekly Corriere Cremonese while a fascinating (though incomplete) record of performances can be found in the autograph programs that Ponchielli submitted to the band's oversight committee to be reported to the newspaper. The evidence from these programs is enlightening in that this work was likely never performed while Ponchielli held the podium. 

A recent attempt for a live premiere was rained out. However, in the preparation of parts for a modern band, several discoveries related to Ponchielli's work habits came to light. Notation to add the cymbal with the Tutti notation is only one of many occasions where normal practice has been left to the devices of the copyist or the player.

The solo part is here.

This is where the autograph programs become valuable as the last extant autograph program by Ponchielli was for a concert on Tuesday, August 8, 1872 held in the Piazza Roma at 8 PM. The next program is done in his name by his assistant, Achille Bissocoli, though in Ponchielli's name.

Date on score: Sunday, June 27, 1869

Performances: Sunday, May 25, 1873, Piazza Garibaldi

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