Ricordanze del carnevale 1866, Op. 134, PP.142.7

In spite of the date of its completion (compilation?), this very long set of dances may have been organized for what would have been the first Mardi gras that Ponchielli was able to fully exploit the talented corps of musicians he was allowed to organize by the generous Cremona city government. There are at least five dances including a five-part waltz as a closer. Generally, this work was the last on the programs, suggesting that the audience did, in fact, dance during these concerts. The original contract in Piacenza required the production of "ballabili" (music for dancing), so social dancing in public was an important feature of the bi-weekly concerts. Dancing on Sundays, even during Advent, seems to have not been a problem for Cremonesi.

Notations on autograph scores remain a source of information from Ponchielli that provide obscure hints at events of that day in his or the band's life. At the end of this score he writes "Laus Deo - 28 giugno 1867 - il giorno del trasloco dalla c[ontrad]a Biblioteca a C[ontrad]a Romana." On this day Ponchielli moved from lodgings near the library (near the present Teatro Ponchielli) to the "Roman" Quarter behind the cathedral toward the "Roman Gate" in the city.

There is another notation on page 53 of this edition of the score. The person for whom this note is intended is Vittorio Franchi, A-flat clarinettist and one of three Piacenza band members brought to Cremona without an audition. He would, apparently double on E-flat clarinet from time to time. Ponchielli notes that Faranchini has "enough time to change instruments and his shirt, if need be."

Date on score: Sunday, June 28, 1867

Performances: Sunday, July, 7, 1867, Publico interno Pasaggio; Sunday, December 1, 1867, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, May 24, 1868, Baluardo del pasaggio pubblico; Sunday, October 18, 1868, Piazza Cavour; Sunday. April 25, 1869, Piazza Cavour; Thursday, September 9, 1869, Piazza Garibaldi; Wednesday, May 11, 1870, Pubblico Pasaggio; Sunday, May 15, 1870, Pubblico Pasaggio


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