Ginevrina, Op. 137, PP.142.10

In spite of lacking a dated score, Ginevrina had a long and active career in the venues of Cremona from 1867 to 1871. The elevated walk on the city wall seems to have been a favorite concert site, perhaps as it was open to cool breezes in the summer. This is a short piece, far less elaborate than its two successors. There is no "Polka" reference here as in the other two schottisches.

The sprightly dotted rhythms that characterize this dance are evident throughout.

Date on score: None Given

Performances: Saturday, March 25, 1867, Piazza Garibaldi; Saturday, June 29, 1867, Pubblico interno passaggio; Sunday, May 31, 1868, Baluardo del pubblico passaggio; Sunday, August 9, 1868, Pubblico passaggio; Tuesday, October 13, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Thursday, November 19, 1868, Piazza Garibaldi; Sunday, August 8, 1869, Pubblico passagigo; Sunday, June 12, 1870, Pubblico passaggio; Sunday, July 9, 1871, Pubblico passaggio.



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