Microsoft Teams: Creating a Post

To create a new post in a channel, start typing in the area that states Start a new conversation.

Start Post

When you make a post, you have a variety of objects you can include in your post.

  1. Attach file – allows a file to be attached to the post, the file is also added to the files area for that channel
  2. Emoji – allows for emojis to be used in the post
  3. Stickers – allows for digital stickers to be used in the post
  4. Meet now – starts a Teams meeting with the members of the channel
  5. Praise – allows channel members to praise other channel members

For additional formatting options for your post, select the first icon (A) under the post area.

Post Advanced Formatting

This also allows for additional post options such as:

  1. New conversation or announcement – an announcement allows for bigger text and title options to stand out more
  2. Everyone can reply or only the owner and moderators can reply
  3. Post in multiple channels – allows the user make the same post in multiple channels instead of creating the same post multiple times in different channels