Microsoft Teams: App Settings

Teams offers a variety of ways to personalize the app for a more personal and efficient experience. To review and update these settings:

  1. Select your image or initials in the upper right portion of the app
  2. Select Settings

Teams App Settings

App Settings include:

  • 1. General

    General – allows the user to adjust a variety of display options such as the contrast and layout of your teams

    App General Settings

  • 2. Privacy

    Privacy – user can allow for notifications from other users if Do Not Disturb is active as well as block contacts from calling and seeing presence

    App Privacy Settings

  • 3. Notifications

    Notifications – set how you will receive notifications from Teams and what you will receive notifications for

    App Notifications Settings

  • 4. Devices

    Devices – Adjust audio and video devices used by Teams

    App Devices Settings

  • 5. Permissions

    Permissions – creates the permissions for the various apps used in Teams to access your device

    App Permissions Settings

  • 6. Calls

    Calls – although not the IT@Sam preferred method for making and receiving calls, teams does allow users to make and receive calls within the app; however, calls can only be made with other SHSU faculty, staff and students

    App Calls Settings