O365 OWA: Open a Shared Voicemail

Go to outlook.office.com or from our main site click Campus Tools, then on E-Mail. Enter your login credentials (do not enter username@shsu.edu - only your username). Click on your name located in the top right-hand corner.

Click on Open another mailbox. 

OWA Open Another Mailbox

At the Open another mailbox window, enter the shared voicemail extension using the format Ex_vmbx_4XXXX (The numbers are the extension to the voicemail you wish to access). As you type the information, options will display for the extension and the options will narrow, the more of the extension you enter. Select the shared voicemail extension that you wish to view.

OWA Enter Shared Voicemail

Press Open. The mailbox should open in a new window.

OWA Open Shared Voicemail