O365 OWA: Automatic Replies

To set up Automatic Replies using the Outlook Web App, go to outlook.office.edu (the direct link) or from our main site click Campus Tools, then on E-Mail

At the top right corner,

  1. Select the Settings tool (looks like a little gear)
  2. Select View all Outlook settings.

OWA Select Settings

From the Outlook Settings menu,

  1. Select Mail.
  2. Then select Automatic replies.
  3. Then toggle the Automatic replies on button to enable the feature. You can also select that automatic replies are sent only during a certain frame if needed by checking the Send replies only during a time period and notating that time frame.
  4. Type the message that will be sent automatically to SHSU users.
  5. If a message needs to automatically be sent to users external to SHSU, check the box for Send replies outside your organization and type the message for those users.
  6. Select Save.

OWA Auto Replies