O365 OWA: Creating Inbox Rules

To set up Inbox rules using the Outlook Web App, go to outlook.office.edu (the direct link) or from our main site click Campus Tools, then on E-Mail

At the top right corner,

  1. Select the Settings tool (looks like a little gear)
  2. Select View all Outlook settings.

OWA Select Settings

From the Outlook Settings menu,

  1. Select Mail.
  2. Then select Rules.
  3. Then select Add new rule.

OWA Settings Add New Rule

In the Rules options, name the rule.

OWA Name Rule

Then, select the condition the email needs to have for the rule.

OWA Select Rule Condition

Next, select the Action Outlook should take for email that meet the condition of the rule.

OWA Rule Select Action

Finally, you can select to have Outlook

  1. If you desire, run the rule immediately on all emails in the inbox 
  2. Then Save the rule.