The ability to hire and develop great talent is critical for your team's success! We provide onsite recruiting services to help you identify, attract & select qualified candidates.


To maximize effectiveness, we assist with hard-to-fill and executive positions.

Hard-to-Fill refers to positions that:

  • Require specialized qualifications (i.e. technical skills)
  • Require knowledge specific to government, state agencies or higher education
  • Require specific level of education within a particular geographic location (i.e. rural healthcare settings)
  • Are unable to attract minimally qualified applicants over several months

Executive refers to the position's occupational category indicated in PeopleAdmin.

How to Request

Contact the Employee Services Manager, Heather Varela, to request services by email or phone. Services will be provided if your position is eligible and approved by our Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity, Rhonda Beassie.


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