Virtuoso Arrangements

Concerto per Clarino sull'opera L'Elisir D'Amor di Cavallini, ADD 33, PP.52.05

I was recently informed by Giuffredi Corrado, solo clarinet of the Swiss radio orchestra in Lugano, that this particular work of Cavallini seems to be unknown in the standard list of Cavallini's works. Ernesto Cavallini was the solo clarinet at La Scala in Milan while Ponchielli and Luigi Bassi were students at the conservatory. One can safely assume that both young men heard Cavallini as a soloist as Cavallini gave many solo performances, many in support of various local charities.

Little is known of post-Milan contact between Ponchielli and Bassi. In any event, Ponchielli had a longstanding relationship with his Cremona principal clarinet, Alessandro Peri, one of the dedicatees for Il Convegno.

The solo part is here.

Date on score: Thursday, March 21, 1867

Performances: Thursday, March 28, 1867, Piazza Cavour; Monday, May 24, 1869, Piazza Cavour

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