Virtuoso Arrangements

Concerto per Clarino di Mirco, ADD 50, PP.55.01

In the initial phase of this project this work was almost entered as an "original" work in that all that remains of Domenico Mirco's little set of variations on Vienne la barca é pronta are the theme and variations. The entire introduction was newly composed by Ponchielli, and it is quite substantial, far beyond a mere orchestration of a piano part. In fact, its first (and only) Cremona performance identifies as a concerto based on a "Neapolitan song."

Domenico Mirco, who was a solist at the La Fenice theater in Venice, remains a shadowy figure with no dates and a few works such as the two in this collection.

The 1873 date may mean that Ponchielli himself was not on the podium, rather Giuseppe Cesura or Achille Bissocoli.

The solo part is here.

Date on score: None given

Performances: Tuesday, July 8, 1873, Piazza Cavour

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