Ricordanze dell'opera


Op. 147, PP.143.4

Dinorah, originally Le pardon de Ploërmel  from 1859 was an opera comique that was a great success and further solidified Meyerbeer's status as the most popular opera composer of the mid nineteenth century. Set in a pastoral venue, the staging called for running water in the second act, a serious bit of stagecraft then. Though dialogue was spoken in the original presentation, Meyerbeer himself composed recitatives for international tastes. The prominent role for a baritone is reflected in the several solos for the flicornobasso.

As with Robert le diable, there was a trio scene that had even more performances. A single performance of the sinfonia (overture) of the opera from Milan capobanda Gustavo Rossari was included as well.

Date on score: Friday, September 24, 1869, Cremona, Casa Stolti, 2:30 [AM]

Performances: Sunday, February 27, 1870, Piazza Cavour; Thursday, September 1, 1870, Piazza dell Duomo; Tuesday, August 26, 1873, Piazza Roma.


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