Potpourri nell'opera

La Favorita

Op. 131, PP.142.4

La Favorite began as a grand opera for Paris in 1840. There is no date on this score from Piacenza. The original was one of the most difficult to read as the paper and ink had conspired to become a single color. As in the case of the Meyerbeer commentaries, three full scene extractions were performed more often during the Cremona years. The final performance in 1873 (likely after Ponchielli had departed) characterizes it as Pezzo concertante nell'opera La Favorita di Amilcare Ponchielli.

It is because of the last characterization that these commentaries are included among "original" works as the represent a substantial reworking of the base material into a "new" piece of worth.

A note that the two performances occurred on the same place as the site of the former Dominican church would become the Piazza Roma.

Date on score: None given

Performances: Thursday, November 30, 1871, sull'are della demolita Chiesa di San Domenico; Thursday, July 17, 1873, Piazza Roma.


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