The Festive Marches

Marcia Milano, Op. 174

Marcia Milano stands as one of the more mysterious marches in the collection. For the 1987 catalog the only extant copy was an incomplete score held by the Conservatorio Paganini in Genoa. Bereft of percussion parts, trumpet parts, and a piccolo/A-flat clarinet part, it seemed a peculiar affair. One day the editor happened upon a listing in the Detroit Concert Band library that they had an edition prepared by bandmaster and virtuoso saxophonist, Gerardo Iasilli, who had a concert band in America. From this edition the editor has prepared a re-created score as Ponchielli might have scored it. The lone concern is that Ponchielli would have had more ambitious parts for the first trombone. The percussion parts are derived wholly from the Iasilli variant.

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Date on score: None Given

Performances: None can be ascertained

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