Adele, Op. 161, PP.143.15

By its instrumentation, this is clearly a waltz from Piacenza. However, unlike many other works brought along from his first position, Ponchielli seems to have never used it at any of the concerts in Cremona.

It is a very short waltz, with a brief introduction in 3/4, five waltzes, a final coda that is a partial reprise, and a Piú mosso to end. The score shows serious water damage on the edges, though none of the ink has been affected.

In spite of never appearing in one of the bi-weekly concerts, it is numbered in what I refer to as the "Belforti Catalog" as number 222. This inventory of the works associated with the Ponchielli years seems to have been prepared by one hand around the time of the retirement of Francesco Belforti before the time of the band's photo in 1884.

Date on score: None Given

Performances: None recorded


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