Mimy e Pipy, op. 142, PP.142.14

Ponchielli is fond of little jokes that (as they are in the scores) that they are intended for an audience consisting of only his copyist and vicemaestro. No parts have come down to us today, but one wonders if this bucolic love story told by two lovers might have become a running joke within the band itself. The E-flat cornet is described as being "di vivo" - "alive." The pair of cornets are described as "between man and wife." The trumpets are "of water," and the trombones are "used as assassins."

The combination of the two seems to have not been normal as neither is programmed in the same program as the other.

As in Lavinia, the dal segno instruction says to repeat the "polka."

Date on score: Wednesday, February 3, 1869

Performances: (M)Sunday, June 13, 1869, Baluardo del Pubblico passaggio; (P)Sunday, July 4, 1869, Pubblico Passaggio, (P)Thursday, May 5, 1870, Pubblico Passaggio; (M)Sunday, September 18, 1870,sull'area della demolita Chiesa di S. Domenico;



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