ETEC4391  Work Base Mentorship Course 

The internship course in the Department of Engineering Technology is designed to provide experience-based learning opportunities deemed important by employers, students, and faculty. As a means of becoming involved in the educational process, many employers are establishing and providing internship programs for students. The visible presence of an internship course in the Department of Engineering Technology encourages, acknowledges and strengthens relationships with the community and industrial industries.

Quanta-SHSU Internship Program

A multi-million dollar partnership established between Sam Houston State University’s Department of Engineering Technology and Houston-based Quanta Services will provide a unique internship opportunity for SHSU students to enhance their leadership abilities and workforce marketability by combining academics with industrial experiences. The internship opportunity is provided for Engineering Technology students and Quanta goes through a step-by-step hiring process. The internship program is generally conducted at multiple participating Quanta Operating Units in Greater Houston during Summer.

Please click the link below and sign in or sign up for Handshake to view the Quanta services, Inc. employer information. On the right side of the webpage, internship postings can be found under Jobs at Quanta Services, Inc.
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ThermOmegaTech Internship Program 

ThermOmegaTech, Inc. has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating temperature control technology for 30 years. ThermOmegaTech, Inc. serves a multitude of industries and, as a result, creates solutions for a wide-range of applications. ThermOmegaTech, Inc. may provide internship positions to the students in the Department of Engineering Technology at Sam Houston State University in the fields of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, and Electronics Technology (a major/a minor).
If you are interested in ThermOmegaTech Internship Program, please contact Dr. Suh. 
For detail information, please contact Dr. Min Jae Suh (