Holmes Scholars

American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)

Holmes Scholars at SHSU will join a national network of students from traditionally underserved backgrounds and are pursuing doctoral degrees. Holmes Scholars are selected based on their academic achievements in the field of education.

As a member institution, the College of Education will provide financial support and mentorship through the AACTE program. Each student will serve a 3-year term, participating in research, advocacy and policy initiatives, including the AACTE Annual Meeting and the Holmes Scholars Summer Policy Institute.

To learn more about this program or to become a Holmes Scholar, contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Helen Berg

Associate Dean of Student Success & Partnerships, Professor


Faculty Mentors

Headshot of Dr. Stacey Edmonson

Dr. Stacey Edmonson



Headshot of Dr. Paul Eaton

Dr. Paul Eaton

Associate Professor


Headshot of Dr. Elizabeth Gross

Dr. Elizabeth Gross

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Dr. Cynthia Martinez-Garcia

Dr. Cynthia Martinez-Garcia

Professor, Doctoral Director Educational Leadership, EdD


  • Benefits of the Holmes Scholar Program
    • Membership in a national network of peers with access to dedicated online social networks
    • Mentoring opportunities by Holmes Scholar alumni currently in academia and other leadership positions
    • Opportunities to present their research at the AACTE Annual Meeting
    • Dedicated mentoring programs at the AACTE Annual Meeting
    • A job fair at the AACTE Annual Meeting and access to position announcements through the year
    • Annual Holmes Scholars Summer Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., including participation in AACTE's Day on the Hill and networking events associated with the AACTE State Leaders Institute
    • Leadership and professional development opportunities at the national level, such as participation in conference presentations and policy/advocacy training
  • Selection Criteria

    Individuals eligible for selection as AACTE Holmes Scholars must:

    • Be enrolled in a doctoral program within the College of Education
    • Self-identify as a member of a traditionally underserved group in the education professoriate or in leadership positions, or education research fields
    • Currently or plan to engage in the following types of research:
      • Teacher education (preservice and/or in-service)
      • School-based focus (e.g., educational administration/leadership, curriculum and instruction, counseling, instructional systems and design technology)
      • Educational research focus (e.g., educational measurement and statistics, qualitative inquiry)
      • Or other areas related to education
    • Agree to participate in university-school-community collaborative partnership arrangements, for research, service, or advocacy activities
  • Application

    To apply to become a Holmes Scholar, please complete an application for the program. Required application materials include:

    • A 3-4 page curriculum vitae
    • A 2-3 page statement outlining:
      • Describe your professional goals
      • Describe your commitment to scholarship, educational practice, and improvement
      • Why do you want to be a Holmes Scholar?
      • How do you plan to contribute to the program?

    To learn more about the application process, contact the program coordinator:

    Dr. Helen Berg

    Associate Dean of Student Success & Partnerships, Professor


  • Service Expectations

    Awardees are expected to:

    • Serve a 3-year term
    • Participate in the AACTE Annual Meeting, including the Holmes Scholars pre-conference events
    • Submit proposals to present their research at the AACTE Annual Meeting each year they are in the program
    • Participate at least once in the AACTE Holmes Scholars Summer Policy Institute and AACTE Day on the Hill
    • Participate in at least on other education conference, such as that of the American Educational Research Association, the Association of Teacher Educators, or another organization within their discipline
    • Propose and implement a project that relates to or forwards the goals of AACTE and authentically engages them in advocacy, policy, service, or research work that furthers high-quality and equitable educator preparation
    • Participate in activities and meetings sponsored by the National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni (NAHSA) during their final year in the Holmes Scholars Program (some of which occur at the AACTE Annual Meeting)
    • Consider affiliate membership in NAHSA during their final year in the program