Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) believes in a collaborative approach to teaching and research while developing comparative and inclusive international educational opportunities for the betterment of Sam Houston State University students, faculty, and other stakeholders.

  • Advisory Board

    Dr. Andrey Koptelov

    Dr. Andrey Koptelov
    Director of Center for International Education

    TEC, Room 254

    Dr. William Edgington

    Dr. Bill Edgington
    Co-chair of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 243

    Dr. Vikie Mitchell

    Dr. Vickie Mitchell
    Committee Member of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 212A

    Dr. Hannah Gerber

    Dr. Hannah Gerber
    Committee Member of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 271C

    Dr. Nara Martirosyan

    Dr. Nara Martirosyan
    Committee Member of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 327B

    Dr. Chi-Sing Li

    Dr. Chi-Sing Li
    Committee Member of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 336

    Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui

    Dr. Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui
    Committee Member of International Research and Operation

    TEC, Room 271E

    Taniya Thongtai

    Taniya Thongtai
    Graduate Assistant

    TEC, Room 252
  • Goals

    Increase faculty interest and involvement in international collaboration and research
    Increase studentsā€™ involvement in international activities and research
    Continue searching for ways to transfer CIE from conventional model to business model of operation

  • Mission

    Provide support and opportunities to faculty and students for international collaboration, research, experience, and study

  • Plan

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    • Know COE faculty research interest and expertise
    • Connect faculty with international partners
    • Support faculty international activities, publications, grant writing, and other projects
    • Help organize COE UGEI conference
    • Identify, promote, and support mutual students’ projects with international institutions
    • Support and promote students’ international activities, events, and projects
    • Support international students.
    • Identify international partners based on the faculty interest and potential benefits for COE
    • Identify the best areas for collaboration and establish a partnership based on a business model of operation
  • Strategy

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    • Promote possible international educational projects, events, grants, conferences etc.
    • Redesign, develop, and maintain CIE website
    • Database faculty interest
    • Advertise faculty international activities and successes
    • Support COE UGEI conference
    • Promote different international activities and possible students international projects
    • Involve students in international conferences, teachers PD, and other events
    • Support and promote international service-learning and study abroad
    • Effective CIE website
    • Identify areas of interests, needs and challenges
    • Use online data and other resources to locate the best international partners
    • Collaborate with SHSU OIP
    • Search for new business partners and sponsors
  • Assessment

    Develop and distribute surveys for college-wide feedback. Create quantitative measures for each goal, plan, and strategy

  • Focus

    Measurable Outcomes and Sustainability

  • Journal of Universality of Global Education Issues
    Universality of Global Education

    The Journal of Universality of Global Education Issues (JUGEI), a publication hosted by the Center for International Education in the College of Education at Sam Houston State University, focuses on issues and trends surrounding education in global contexts.

    You can access the journal here.

    Journal submission information

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    Phone (936)-294-1140


    Garrett Teacher Education Center (TEC), Suite 254
    1908 Bobby K. Marks Drive, Huntsville, Texas 77340

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