Cleaning Research Group

The Chemistry of Clean Surfaces & Quality Products

Darren L. Williams, Ph.D. 

-Clean Research Group Leader
-Professor of Physical Chemistry at SHSU
-Consultant in Industrial Cleaning and Blend Formulation

Current Projects and Activities

Product Quality Cleaning Workshops and Webinars

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Sessile Drop Contact Angle Measurement Methods


As my research group began to enter into the world of precision cleaning, we needed to come up to speed on contact angle measurement.  In doing so, we met Anselm Kuhn who was a great help and mentor.  Together, we produced an inexpensive way to standardize contact angle measurements. Read more...

Solvent Blend Formulation and Characterization


The paint and polymer industries have led the way in solvent substitution and solvent blend prediction activities. In particular, the Hansen solubility parameters (HSPs) have proven themselves and are described in detail in the literature. The HSPs may be used to qualitatively rank solvents and blends in terms of their interaction with a given solute. Solutes and solvents that have similar HSPs are predicted to mix spontaneously. Conversely, if the HSPs are drastically different between solute and solvent, then there will be little interaction and limited mixing.

Read more about the work of the Cleaning Research Group in the area of blend analysis.

Solvent Properties


Solvent properties such as surface tension, density, viscosity, wettability, and the various solubility parameters are very important for all cleaning operations. Read more about our research into the chemistry of cleaning formulations and solvents.

Solvent Blend Prediction and Characterization

Development of Azeotropic Blends to Replace TCE and nPB in Vapor Degreasing Operations

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