About the PQCW

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If you don’t clean it right, you can’t build it right or repair it right. Relying only on sales-hype is costly and may result in product failure. Until now, no one taught critical product cleaning in school. PQCW webinars and workshops train and educate manufacturing leaders. Our programs give you the cleaning confidence to make cost-effective decisions about cleaning, surface prep, and residue removal. We help you conquer the fear of regulations. We go beyond “regulatory compliance” to enable cost-effective decisions to achieve rugged, productive, sustainable cleaning processes. PQCW teachers are leaders in the field. We are independent experts with decades of experience helping the manufacturing community understand cleaning. Participants come from fields such as metals, electronics assemblies, optics, medical devices, botanicals, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace/aeronautics. Assemblers, managers, and safety/environmental regulatory professionals find our offerings technically sound, fun, and accessible. PQCW training works!