Product Quality Cleaning Workshop

NEW! Product Quality Cleaning Webinars

Join us on these webinars as we take you behind the scenes with leaders in the cleaning industry.

Stay tuned for webinars with Alconox, SITA, our PQCW Instructors Barbara, Ed, and Darren, and others who work with the Cleaning Research Group.


The May 20th webinar with SAFECHEM was a great success.

Watch the video on our YouTube Channel (Subscribe while you're there).

The webinar handout is on our documents page.

We discussed.

  • What are modified alcohols?
  • What types of soils do they clean?
  • What equipment is needed for their use?
  • How can I evaluate if these methods apply to my situation?
  • And more...

The PQCWebinars keep you informed about the knowledge and skills you will gain by attending the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop #PQCW. This webinar is free because of the generous support of our sponsor SAFECHEM. The Workshop is still planned for early next year. 

Email the workshop at to be alerted on specific dates when they are available!


We have paused and will reschedule the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop. We will contact you directly with the new plan if you will email us at

In the meantime, we will be delivering free webinars thanks to the support of our sponsors. Each webinar will focus on a particular sponsor's technology with an emphasis on the hands-on experiences YOU will receive at the workshop.

What will this Workshop do for you?

You can make better products and profits with better cleaning.

This workshop provides hands-on training in the lab and comprehensive instruction in the classroom. So you will know how to save money and how to avoid costly mistakes in cleaning.

Surely you want:

  • Consistently clean parts.
  • A positive reputation for your company. This often depends upon cleaning.
  • Technicians and managers who know how cleaning affects the bottom line.
  • To know how to troubleshoot cleaning problems.

The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop will help you with all of the above!


The next Product Quality Cleaning Workshop will be on May 13-14th 2020.

Building on the success of the 2018 workshop, we will feature 

  • more hands-on lab experiences
  • wider selection of cleaning equipment in the lab

We thought the last program was outstanding, and so did our participants. Here are some of their responses from our workshop evaluations.

PQCW: What activities/information did you find most valuable?


"The various cleaning processes available which I can relay to customers."  - Mark

"lab activities & demonstrations - specifically the low-tech analytical techniques. ... Tying things to fundamental chemistry was very helpful." - 2018 Attendee

"One-on-one conversations" - Michael

"vapor degreasing (I had no previous knowledge)" - Chris

"FTIR, Raman, and fluorescence of surfaces" - Don


"The vendor demos were great." - Mike

"Excellent workshop. I will recommend to others." - John

"All the lab activities were interesting & made me think about things I need to consider in my own lab work." - Carolyn


"Hands-on workshop was great. Standards discussion was informative. Overall great program, well organized!" - Mary

"As a chemist, I found the surface energy portions most valuable." - 2018 Attendee

"The general overview of cleaning and the introduction to cleaning processes [were most valuable]. I really enjoyed [the] foil testing explanation." - Rachel


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Official Media Sponsor


Thank you Gardner Business Media, publisher of Products Finishing and Production Machining magazines, for your partnership as the official media sponsor of the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop.

Gardner Business Media is the premier publisher in the manufacturing sector and publishes brands that serve all aspects of discrete parts manufacturing. Products Finishing (application of coatings) and Production Machining (small parts machining) magazines have been serving their respective fields for decades. Once a quarter a Parts Cleaning Section is published between both magazines which provides the market the latest trends in technology along with best practices for cleaning professionals. This section publishes to over 50,000 subscribers and is the only trade journal in the US focused on industrial cleaning applications.