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August 26 - The Cleaning Research Group

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On August 5th at 10am Central Time, we interviewed Peter Feamster of JOMESA about

What is this Particle? And will it kill my part or assembly?

Watch the video and get the slides.

Join the PQCW team of Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg along with the Professor Darren Williams, as they interview Peter Feamster from JOMESA about Technical Cleanliness, Particle Counting, and Particle Identification using Scanning Electron Microscopy.

If you are concerned with particle contamination, then this webinar is for you!
Aerospace, electronics, medical, optics, automotive, metal finishing, or additive manufacturing, will learn about the latest technology in particle counting and identification.

About Peter Feamster

Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, he is a fan of all things Detroit. His favorite thing about growing up in Michigan is a love for sports as well as the outdoors. He is a fanatic of the Detroit Red Wings and has been playing hockey since he could walk. He graduated in 2010 from Central Michigan University with a degree in Business Administration. He married his wife in September 2016, and they are happily living in South Lyon, MI with their dog Obie. In his free time, he spends a lot of time cooking, hiking with his wife, or gardening.

His professional career has been focused on manufacturing cleanliness starting with his time at Durr Ecoclean in 2011. There he learned the importance of parts cleaning as well as the technology and science behind it. He is fortunate to now work for a company like JOMESA which is built on technical cleanliness expertise and innovation. In this role he has learned a lot about the industrial production process and all of the ways in which cleanliness is affected. He loves to learn and he looks forward to the future!

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On July 29th at 10 AM Central US Time the PQCW Team introduced the

NEW Manufacturing Cleaning Association

Get the video and the slides to learn more.

Learn about the newest association and the only one dedicated specifically to cleaning in the manufacturing sector.

Matt Gilmore will describe how the MCA will benefit YOU.
- Standardization - industry experts answering "how clean is clean?"
- Technical Support - publications, webinars, and virtual groups
- Networking - connecting at conferences, events, and online communities
- Employment - platform connecting members and employers

Don't miss this unveiling of the Manufacturing Cleaning Association!

About Matt Gilmore and Lori Beckman

Director of Membership and Business Development with Gardner Manufacturing Association Solutions (GMAS) and Executive Director of the newly formed Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA). Matt has over ten years of experience in association management and strategic development focusing on such areas as: membership growth, sponsorship engagement, program development, and government affairs mostly with manufacturing trades associations. In his off hours, Matt spends most of his time trying to make his sons better soccer players.

Lori Beckman, senior editor for Production Machining, has been reporting on, writing and editing content for the brand since 2003. She is also the editor of the parts cleaning section of Production Machining and Products Finishing brands, covering the manufacturing parts cleaning segment of the industry. She has attended the parts2clean trade show in Germany, is a member of the board of directors for the new Manufacturing Cleaning Association and is co-chairperson of the Parts Cleaning Conference. Lori regularly visits industry trade shows and interviews precision machine shops and OEMs to write valuable content for the industry.


On July 22nd, the PQCW Team delivered a webinar on

Building a Defendable Cleaning Process

The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg along with the Professor Darren Williams gave a 30-minute session covering one of the key topics from our Product Quality Cleaning Workshop - Building a Defendable Cleaning Process.

If you’re in aerospace, electronics, medical, optics, automotive, metal finishing, or additive manufacturing, a defendable cleaning process provides confidence and saves money.

You need this webinar to
• Justify current cleaning processes
• Expedite process modifications
• Prepare for an efficient, effective validation
• Achieve successful audits and inspections
• Convincingly present the product to customers
• Cut production costs
• Improve yield, avoid product failure

Who should attend
• Engineering
• Operations
• Marketing
• Regulatory

hubbard hall webinar image

On July 15th we interviewed Mike Valenti of Hubbard Hall on how to:

Reduce Downtime, Cut Costs in Aqueous Surface Prep Lines

Metal finishers rely on aqueous emulsifying cleaners for effective surface prep in operations like plating, anodizing, and galvanizing.

The “pinch point” is the downtime and costs associated with changing out and disposing of the baths.

Mike Valenti of Hubbard Hall explains how a combination of an effective emulsifying cleaning agent with new, efficient filtration can

  • dramatically reduce process downtime
  • cut the cost of cleaning chemistry (reclaim 95% of cleaning agent!)
  • reduce waste and energy costs
  • improve product quality

About Our Speaker

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Mike Valenti has over 25 years of experience in specialty chemical development and product management. He has been involved in the development and sales of specialty chemicals, detergents and cleaners, and metal finishing products. First with Milliken Chemical, and then with Hubbard-Hall, his experience has included recommending cleaners – both aqueous and solvent cleaning processes – non-ferrous surface preparation, equipment, and testing protocols for a wide range of the requirements for critical metal finishing operations.

Discover Cyclic Nucleation

On July 8th we interviewed Gerhard Koblenzer of LPW about the

Cyclic Nucleation Process (CNp)

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Gerhard Koblenzer and Hans Hauger of LPW explained the principles of CNp and contrasted the technique with ultrasonic cleaning.  They provided case studies and demonstrations from the “LPW Test and Service Centre for Critical and Fine Cleaning,” Aqueous cleaning systems designed with CNp technology have been successful in difficult (or seemingly impossible) cleaning situations such as

  • Interiors of narrow tubes
  • Blind holes, ornate parts
  • Additive manufactured parts, porous surfaces
  • Surfaces that are easily damaged

The dynamic presentation will benefit manufacturers in aerospace, medical and other high-value applications.

About our speakers

  • Gerhard Koblenzer, managing owner of LPW, has been active in the company for about 20 years. In the past 12 years, he developed the company from an automotive supplier to a specialist in the highest requirements in the field of critical cleaning. Before joining LPW, he was a professional officer at the German Light Mountain Infantry. Gerhard Koblenzer is chairman of the "Process and Fluid Technology" committee of the German cleaning technology association "FiT"

  • Hans Hauger has been the responsible development manager at LPW since 2015. He supports the expansion of the company's fine cleaning division with a variety of development projects. Based on many years of international experience in the engineering and process design of fluid and cleaning systems (e.g. semiconductor industry), Hans Hauger was involved in the implementation of a large number of patents.


Did you miss the webinar with Jeff Phillips of Alconox? No worries. Watch the video and download the handouts.

The Dirty Secrets of Cleaning Medical Devices

Gain essential insights to build defendable cleaning processes and enhance manufacturing opportunities. Jeff Phillips of Alconox – a very entertaining speaker – will discuss critical cleaning and cleanliness validation/verification with PQCW instructors. He will explain how successful critical cleaning means setting up effective, consistent, documented cleaning processes. He will also provide an overview of what is involved in validation/verification – in demonstrating an acceptably low level of residue. Learn about standards and work practices for cleaning process validation.

If your company
• supplies parts or components to medical device manufacturers
• supplies parts for high-value aerospace, optics, or electronics
• assembles medical devices
• assembles high value product
• wants to expand to supply medical device manufacturers
this fast-paced webinar will provide an effective framework for achieving reliable cleaning and demonstrating “how clean is clean enough.”

Product Quality Cleaning Webinars are brought to you by the Cleaning Research Group at SHSU, and BFK Solutions.

PQCWebinars keep you informed about the knowledge and skills you will gain by attending the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop #PQCW. This webinar is free because of the generous support of our sponsor Alconox.

About Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips has over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry. His expertise includes optimizing and troubleshooting critical cleaning processes, analytical chemistry, training manufacturing personnel in critical cleaning, as well as validation and verification.


On May 20th we held a webinar with SAFECHEM on

Cleaning with Modified Alcohols

Watch the video and download the webinar slides.

We discussed.

  • What are modified alcohols?
  • What types of soils do they clean?
  • What equipment is needed for their use?
  • How can I evaluate if these methods apply to my situation?
  • And more...

The PQCWebinars keep you informed about the knowledge and skills you will gain by attending the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop #PQCW. These webinars are free because of the generous support of our sponsors. The Workshop is still planned for early next January. 

The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop

What will this Workshop do for you?

You can make better products and profits with better cleaning.

This workshop provides hands-on training in the lab and comprehensive instruction in the classroom. So you will know how to save money and how to avoid costly mistakes in cleaning.

Surely you want:

  • Consistently clean parts.
  • A positive reputation for your company. This often depends upon cleaning.
  • Technicians and managers who know how cleaning affects the bottom line.
  • To know how to troubleshoot cleaning problems.

The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop will help you with all of the above!


The next Product Quality Cleaning Workshop will be on May 13-14th 2020.

Building on the success of the 2018 workshop, we will feature 

  • more hands-on lab experiences
  • wider selection of cleaning equipment in the lab

We thought the last program was outstanding, and so did our participants. Here are some of their responses from our workshop evaluations.

PQCW: What activities/information did you find most valuable?


"The various cleaning processes available which I can relay to customers."  - Mark

"lab activities & demonstrations - specifically the low-tech analytical techniques. ... Tying things to fundamental chemistry was very helpful." - 2018 Attendee

"One-on-one conversations" - Michael

"vapor degreasing (I had no previous knowledge)" - Chris

"FTIR, Raman, and fluorescence of surfaces" - Don


"The vendor demos were great." - Mike

"Excellent workshop. I will recommend to others." - John

"All the lab activities were interesting & made me think about things I need to consider in my own lab work." - Carolyn


"Hands-on workshop was great. Standards discussion was informative. Overall great program, well organized!" - Mary

"As a chemist, I found the surface energy portions most valuable." - 2018 Attendee

"The general overview of cleaning and the introduction to cleaning processes [were most valuable]. I really enjoyed [the] foil testing explanation." - Rachel


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Gardner Business Media is the premier publisher in the manufacturing sector and publishes brands that serve all aspects of discrete parts manufacturing. Products Finishing (application of coatings) and Production Machining (small parts machining) magazines have been serving their respective fields for decades. Once a quarter a Parts Cleaning Section is published between both magazines which provides the market the latest trends in technology along with best practices for cleaning professionals. This section publishes to over 50,000 subscribers and is the only trade journal in the US focused on industrial cleaning applications.