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Aqueous Cleaning Course

Collaborative effort by the PQCW Instructor Team:

  • The Cleaning Lady - Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions
  • The Rocket Scientist - Ed Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions
  • The Professor - Darren Williams, Sam Houston State University

The online course will cover the following topics:

  • why clean, precision & critical cleaning
  • time, action, chemistry, and temperature (TACT)
  • cleaning forces, balancing TACT
  • facets of cleaning: wash/rinse/dry
  • physical and chemical properties of water, corrosion, types of water, pH, dilution, wetting, surface tension
  • aqueous cleaning agents formulations & functions
  • measuring contact angle, chemical labelling, tiny critters growing in the bath water
  • how ultrasonic cleaning works, ultrasonic metrics, product damage, fixturing, parts placement
  • flammability, and cyclic vacuum cavitation cleaning

The package also includes an individualized consulting call with a PQCW Instructor and a 4 hour continuing education certificate.

This is self-paced. You can register now and spread the work over several weeks. There are 4 1-hour videos and 4 learning check quizzes.


The 4-hour course is $399. Group discounts are available. Email us for group registration instructions.

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