Hands-on & Virtual Workshops


Virtual Workshop

The 2021 Workshop had a compelling, live and interactive online experience over the 16 hours of classroom and lab instruction.

Real-time cleaning exercises and demonstrations brought the attendees as close as possible to hands-on testing

The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop featured:

  • 16 hours of continuing education
  • 8 hours of live and interactive class time
  • 8 hours of live and interactive time in the lab cleaning parts and discussing equipment, cleaners, and pro-tips

Attendee comments from the 2021 virtual workshop:

  • "You folks did a great job. You covered it all. Zoom seemed to work well, your tech guy should get a medal."
  • "I have to admit, you kept me on my toes throughout the event by always interjecting the direct importance of physics and chemistry on cleaning, that part was great."
  • "I thought the workshop was amazing, great job! I really enjoyed attending it and learned quite a few things as well. Despite it having to be virtual, I thought you all did a fantastic job at explaining and demonstrating everything for others to understand."

Hands-on Workshop

In 2018, we held a hands-on workshop here at Sam Houston State University.

Attendee comments from the 2018 hands-on workshop:

PQCW: What activities/information did you find most valuable?

  • "The various cleaning processes available which I can relay to customers."  - Mark
  • "lab activities & demonstrations - specifically the low-tech analytical techniques. ... Tying things to fundamental chemistry was very helpful." - 2018 Attendee
  • "One-on-one conversations" - Michael
  • "vapor degreasing (I had no previous knowledge)" - Chris
  • "FTIR, Raman, and fluorescence of surfaces" - Don
  • "Excellent workshop. I will recommend to others." - John
  • "All the lab activities were interesting & made me think about things I need to consider in my own lab work." - Carolyn
  • "Hands-on workshop was great. Standards discussion was informative. Overall great program, well organized!" - Mary
  • "As a chemist, I found the surface energy portions most valuable." - 2018 Attendee
  • "The general overview of cleaning and the introduction to cleaning processes [were most valuable]. I really enjoyed [the] foil testing explanation." - Rachel

Although we loved providing hands-on events, we find that we reach more people and have a larger impact through our online content: on-demand courses, webinars (past and present), videos, and articles

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